Life in the party district, part II

2:30 a.m. The thumping begins. More movement of furniture?! Why, no! It’s those guys again! I hear voices coming through my bathroom window, so I tiptoe to the window: “This is all you. You’re the one who’s throwing things. You’re the one who’s acting like a child. You brought this upon yourself!” The thudding continues. Great, throwing things, I thought. D and I debated calling our landlord but things sounded like they were calming down. We crawl back into bed, but 5 minutes later: Bang! The fight continues in earnest. “I don’t even want you here. This my place. You need to get out of my place.” 

I call our landlord and leave a message. “I’m not sure what to do, here, but it’s 3 a.m. and I’ve been awakened by my neighbors for the second time in the past week.”

We debate calling the police, but things calm down again. I return to the master bathroom, where I hear one of them punching the other, yelling “I want you out of my life! Get out of my life!” over and over again. The recipient of the blows was whimpering like an animal. I called the police. They’d already gotten several calls, they said, and would send out a car.

For a while, the only noise coming from next door was the heartbreaking sound of a man sobbing like a baby.  I began to think it was over, when the yelling and banging started up again. Just briefly, though, and then all was quiet.

I was too awake; I sat in the living room reading. When the police knocked next door I poked my head out and one of them came to talk to me. “Was it just yelling?” he asks.

“Yelling, throwing things, banging around. I called you guys when I heard one of them hitting the other.”

“Well, they’re saying nothing’s wrong, nothing’s happening now,” he said to me. “So we can really only tell them to keep it down.”

“Thanks for that at least.”

Then I, who could probably sleep through a tornado, had trouble falling back asleep.

Epilogue: The landlord called back this morning, thanked me for letting him know what was going on, and told me they’d just given him notice that they’d be out at the end of the lease, which is November 30. He’s going to try to encourage them to be out sooner, he said, because it’s just too stressful for the other tenants. Amen!


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