Y’all never heard no shit like this befo’

Last night was spent in Los Feliz celebrating friend Ben’s birthday first at Mexico City (oh, margarita!) and then down the street at the Drawing Room. Despite its upright-British-sounding name, the Drawing Room is quite the dive bar, with peeling vinyl booths and dragon murals on the wall. A true alky’s bar: the drinks are stiff, and the only beer is in bottles.

Not long after we arrived a woman started yelling, “If you’re sitting at the bar, you will be in a music video. We’re not signing releases, so if you don’t want to be in the video, don’t sit at the bar.” She went about getting people situated and then started pushing a guy who was standing on a skateboard and holding a camera with a portable light.

This poor man’s dolly trick went on several times, then a gang of people started bringing in music gear. The woman yelled, “If you want to support these two long-time Drawing Room bartenders by being in their video, come on down!” A few of our friends joined the crowd after being assured that only their backs would be in the video, which we learned was destined for display on MySpace. We were then treated to a live performance by Echo Park’s own Milky Soul; all the people in the video had to do was jump up and down while the band performed a song whose chorus was “Y’all never heard no shit like this befo'”. Catchy, that.

After being treated to about three songs by Milky Soul (who I can safely say are more talented than K-Fed, and waaaay more entertaining), the jukebox kicked in with Buzzcocks, TV on the Radio, and the original “Cum on Feel the Noize.” I was in heaven, downing Red Stripe like there was no tomorrow and screaming to be heard over the music. On the way home, we made a ritual stop at Michelle’s Donuts, where I shook things up by ordering a chocolate cake donut (usually I’m all about the chocolate frosted, but I was craving something more substantial).

The donut must have been made with miracle sugar because not only did I awaken at 9am (ungodly early for the weekend, in my book) but I awoke more or less hangover free. And no, I was not still drunk. A few cups of coffee were administered and I headed back over to the Eastside to meet the gang (several of whom were in far worse shape than me) and carpool to Monterey Park, one of many all-Asian communities around the LA area, for dim sum.

And I have to say, for a day-after-drinking lunch, NBC Seafood was a great choice. Busy, loud, warehouse-like in size, with so many food carts there were traffic jams in the aisles. The food was tasty, tea was flowing, and we topped off our meal with a giant sesame ball filled with black sesame paste and rolled in black and white sesame seeds. The best part? The whole gluttonous spree was $39 for five people, or $10 each including tip. I’m starting to see why Ben and his wife, who moved here from SF, like it so much.


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