Something else I miss

Saying it makes me sound like I’m one step away from checking myself into rehab, but I have to admit that one of the things I miss about San Francisco is the drinking. In a small way I mean that I miss the camaraderie of drinking, but I also just miss grabbing a happy hour drink that rolls into two drinks, that then morphs into dinner with great wine and then another bar (or two) for a nightcap. It’s possible up there, because whenever the night ends you can take a train or a bus or a cab or walk home.

I’ll admit, there are a LOT of bars within walking distance of my place here, but they are Flashy Scenes (Sunset Blvd) or Gay Bars (Santa Monica Blvd). There’s not really a dive bar or neighborhood bar or pub nearby, and our few friends here live so far away that whenever we get together, someone’s expected to get behind the wheel. The culture of drinks just isn’t as stong here, and I miss it.


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