Best. Sandwich. Ever.

The sandwich so good I had to photograph it. I’m particularly proud of this one, because I started heading to the kitchen with my standard turkey-and-mustard-on-wheat-bread in mind, wondering what cheeses we had on hand to make it a little more interesting. But then I remembered that I had marscarpone leftover from the St. Patricks Day pots de creme. Then I thought about the unopened Bonne Maman fig preserves I’d found in my cupboard a few days earlier. And the leftover arugula from my pasta-making adventure (I served the pasta with olive oil, red pepper flakes, prosciutto, and wilted arugula). Then as I rounded the corner into the kitchen I spotted some almost-stale bakery bread sitting forgotten on the counter. Toasted it up on the stovetop (using my tea kettle filled with water as a weight) like a true panino, and voila, the Anything-But-Quotidian Turkey Sandwich:

Best. Sandwich. Ever.

A few days later, some girlfriends were looking at photos on my camera and scrolled back to this one.

“Um, why do you have a picture of a sandwich on your camera?”

“Because that was a really good sandwich. I was so proud to have made it.”

You made that sandwich? It looks like something from a restaurant. I’m coming to your  house for lunch.”


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