On consistency

Nobody knows this, but No-So Cal is my fourth blog since late 2000. I’m not quite sure why I abandoned the previous three–well, except for the one that was dedicated to the insane quotes and crazymaking behaviors of my toxic boss, the alcoholic nymphomaniac addicted to plastic surgery, which was happily placed on hiatus shortly after I left that dead-end job (but kept, for the goldmine of human observations contained therein).

I suppose I started to feel like what I was writing wasn’t interesting, or even interestingly written. And yet when I go back through those blogs, as I recently had occasion to do, I realize that the writing wasn’t terrible, and the topics of choice were moderately interesting, or at least on a par with a lot of the bloggers I read every day. It was a good reminder, as this little home on the Web was starting to wither on the vine.

I realize, too, that part of my silence is owed to this fine line I’m trying to tread, the one between public and private. I’m used to writing for myself, in my journal, just spilling out whatever’s in my head. And then I write for publication, this more polished stuff that’s painfully nonfiction. But for this blog I want something in the middle. Something that’s borne of my life but not so personally identifiable that colleagues or freak-stalkers could easily sniff me out. Every once in a while I get lost in wondering if it’s even possible, and drop off with posting. But this time, at least, I’m coming back.


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