Drinking downtown

So I was bummed about missing Jonathan Gold, but happy to have even more time to check out some downtown bars. There’s a bit of a resurgence of drinking establishments downtown, but I don’t make it that far east very often, so I was psyched to have an excuse to hit some bars.

When we left the library there was still some light in the sky so we went to the rooftop bar at the Standard. Even though I act the jaded urban dweller I have to confess that it was supremely cool to be hanging out so high above downtown, surrounded by even higher buildings. And the whole jet-set swanky decor was too pitch-perfect to seem annoyingly contrived. It felt like I was a guest at the coolest summer party ever. Sure, the (tiny, overpriced) Manhattan I ordered seemed a little watered down, but that was a good thing because I had to drive home.

And because we had plans to follow up with a trip to the Standard’s polar opposite, the Library Bar. Which was all warm and cozy and pitch-perfect in a different way–like a sophisticated pied-a-terre in a cosmopolitan city. (I’m thinking it’ll hit the spot even better in wintertime.) About the only thing I didn’t like was the TV hanging over the bar, which I will grant may be a necessity for downtown happy hour–but for chrissake turn the thing off after 7pm!  I’d heard that the beer sommelier from Father’s Office had moved here, so I was expecting a long list of hard-to-find brews. The Library’s list is much shorter than FO, but they do carry the hard-to-find Craftsman beers. Being in the mood for something dark and broody, though, I ordered the always-good Old Rasputin Stout, which was smooth and chocolately from the tap.

Once we got out of the line at the library, it turned into a stellar night. If it hadn’t been a weeknight and I hadn’t had to drive home (curse Los Angeles and its car culture!) I’d have hustled on over to Seven Grand, just to scratch one more Downtown Bar off my list of Places to Check Out. But I’m also happy to leave something left to explore.


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