Concession / Confession

I am now the owner and wearer of a skort, for the first time since swearing off the ugly hybrid garment back in elementary school. In retrospect, that earlier prototype was really just a pair of shorts with an extra fabric panel on just the front, and thus deserving of my scorn. And in my defense, this recent acquisition is a “running skort,” designed for athletics. It’s my concession to these solid facts:

1. It’s friggin’ hot down here, and on some days it’s impossible to exercise in even the lightest pants.

2. Shorts are universally unflattering, and more so on me.

That last one is especially important, as I have memories of walking the shade-free mile home from school (in Texas!) on 98-degree days, wearing jeans. When I got home I would have to peel the sweat-soaked jeans off my body–<i>that</i> is how much I hate shorts. So yesterday while I was at Target searching for alternative exercise garb, this piece stood out to me. I tried it on and actually liked how it looked, so here I am, wearing a skort. And one step closer to becoming my mother.


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